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Suspension of a FAMI-QS Certificate

This relates to the following actions:
Name of the company: Shandong FY Feed Technology Co., Ltd.
Company locations:
• No. 211 Baiyun 6th Road, Haosheng Town, Zouping County 256219 Binzhou City, Shandong Province - CHINA
• No.208, Baiyun 6th Road, Haosheng Town, Zouping County, 256219 Binzhou City – CHINA

Reg. No.: FAM- 0960
Status: Suspended
Reason: Decision taken by the Certification Body


Junior Quality Manager Job Opening


JOB TITLE: Junior Quality Manager – Full Time Employment in a small dynamic office

LOCATION: Brussels, Belgium

• Reviewing the submission of the FAMI-QS Audit Documentation
• Monitoring of the global FAMI-QS Integrity Programme
• Monitoring the performance of Certification Bodies and auditors
• Supporting the application review
• Participating on FAMI-QS Expert Group
• Support of wordwide training of FAMI-QS Auditors’ and Industry

CAUTION: Misleading “FAMI–QS Feed Safety Document Kit”

It came to our attention that a non-authorised and non-verified “Editable Feed Safety Document Tool Kit” is available for purchase on the internet through the following website: THIS IS NOT A FAMI-QS RELATED PRODUCT.

Be aware that FAMI-QS never provided any technical support to such an organisation to develop any kind of tools and documentation for building a feed safety management system according to the FAMI-QS requirements.

FAMI-QS supports the launch of Feed Additives Americas 2018 by Feedinfo

Feed Additives Americas 2018 is Feedinfo’s first regional event for the specialty feed ingredients sector in North, Central and South America and fully supported by FAMI-QS. The conference will be held at Hilton Miami Downtown on the 12th and 13th December 2018.

Featuring internationally-renowned speakers and local experts, Feed Additives Americas 2018 will offer unbiased opinions giving delegates an accurate picture of the industry and the chance to meet new people and explore new opportunities in North, Central and South America.

Feed Additives 2018 Conference

Feed Additives 2018 is an important annual gathering for leading feed additives producers, traders and users.

Created by the team behind Feedinfo News Service, the conference helps senior managers, purchasers and nutritionists understand the factors that will impact the feed value chain, from global economic trends and trading conditions, to potential disruptors and the latest scientific advancements.