Surveillance Programme

In order to maintain credibility of assessment results set by Certification Bodies (CBs) and assure a homogenous interpretation and application of FAMI-QS clauses, evidence that these goals are reached must be provided.

An integrity program named ‘Surveillance Program for Certification Bodies’ has been initiated by FAMI-QS. It is designed to build confidence and trust in the certification process among all the interested parties.

The surveillance program intends to assess and improve the partner CBs’ work and responsibilities. It is not meant to re-assess the processes of a feed business operator or evaluate the performance of an individual auditor.

The main benefits may be the resulting harmonization and consistency in handling the application of the FAMI-QS Code of Practice.

FAMI-QS appreciates the cooperation and understanding of all Certification Bodies and feed business operators that, by accepting the presence of the surveyor during the audit and facilitating his/her performance, are contributing to the homogenous interpretation and application of the Code and Certification Rules and, ultimately, to the rising of the level of feed safety.


Surveillance Programme Procedure: English