FAMI-QS is a preeminent quality and feed safety management system for the sector of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. We are the worldwide leading accredited scheme for the feed industry contributing to safe food. Accreditation is an important pillar for the credibility of our scheme. It gives assurance to governments, supply chains and consumers that organisations providing FAMI-QS certification have the required competence and impartiality to do so. FAMI-QS is operating under IAF MLA. The FAMI-QS Certification System proactively responds to the emerging feed-related challenges in our sector.

The FAMI-QS Certification Scheme addresses safety, quality and address the challenging topics of integrity (fraud), defence and regulatory compliance. The system is specifically designed for international validity and the FAMI-QS Certification, since its origination in 2004, is endorsed by more than 1400 members across the globe.


FAMI-QS is the worldwide Quality and Feed Safety Management System for the sector of Specialty Feed Ingredients. This training consists of  three 4-hour sessions, taking place over three consecutive days, and aims to provide participants with the information they need regarding the requirements of FAMI-QS Version 6.

Practical information
Date & time From 27 to 29 September 2021
Place Microsoft Teams

Registrations for this event are closed, please contact FAMI-QS for more information.
Admission Fee 370

FAMI-QS Secretariat will organise a three (3) hour webinar on FAMI-QS Certification. During the webinar the following topics will be addressed; - FAMI-QS Version 6.0 – A holistic approach on feed safety - Understanding fraud in the feed industry: FAMI-QS Concept - Feed Fraud: sources and examples

Practical information
Date & time From 09 to 09 November 2021 at 9:00 am
Place Remote

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Published on 29th June 2021
Following the inputs and feedback of our members on the Feed Fraud Prevention and Defence templates, the FAMI-QS Secretariat has redesigned the files to help make them easier to use and understand.
Published on 21st April 2021
FAMI-QS is happy to share with you the latest issue of our Newsletter.
Published on 29th March 2021
The company Ultra Fresh Grow Agri Co. which is not FAMI-QS certified, submits documents which may create the impression that this company is FAMI-QS certified.
Published on 8th February 2021
We are aware that Masmello Certification Pvt Ltd issues a FAMI-QS certificate for the company NAVKAAR AROMATICS PRIVATE LIMITED, located in India, which may create the impression that the company is FAMI-QS certified.