UPDATED Feed Safety Incident Management Procedure

FAMI-QS is a Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures. For the types of feed covered by FAMI-QS, the Code addresses safety, quality and regulatory compliance. Proper assurance of feed safety worldwide is a high priority. Since feed safety has been a top issue internationally, both politically and commercially, and because serious incidents in the feed sector can occur, demonstrable assurance of feed safety has become a sales prerequisite.

Preparing for crisis situations and handling them appropriately is an important part of feed safety. For this purpose, a “Feed Safety Incident Management Procedure” has been updated and it is applicable to all FAMI-QS certified Operators and authorised Certification Bodies.

Please note that the Chinese version of this document is already available.

The document is available on the FAMI-QS website: http://www.fami-qs.org/feed-safety-incident-notification.html