Published on 7th December 2018
FAMI-QS and GMP+ International have renewed their Memorandum of Understanding in order to include the latest developments in feed safety for both schemes.
Published on 9th November 2018
[AGENDA AVAILABLE] To enhance better understanding of the role of Third Party Certification in Feed and the recently publised FAMI-QS Certification System, a one day workshop will be organised by FAMI-QS on the 12th of December of 2018 in Mumbai, India.
Published on 9th November 2018
The FAMI-QS certificate of Prakruti Products Pvt. Ltd, located in INDIA, has been withdrawn.
Published on 12th October 2018
Since the publication of the revised FAMI-QS Certification System on the 1st of October 2017, we have received numerous comments for further clarification on the requirements covered in the Code, Rules and Transition Document. Consequently, these FAMI-QS documents were subject to some technical changes that will be emphasised in this Note for FAMI-QS Feed Business Operators. Please note that this document is only for information purposes. Feed Business Operators are kindly requested to always refer to the complete documents available on our website.
Published on 11th October 2018
The FAMI-QS certificates of Shandong FY Feed Technology Co., Ltd and Shandong NB Biotechnology Co., Ltd. located in CHINA, have been suspended. End of suspension: 2018-11-12